Sunday, January 26, 2014

Survival of the hardiest

 I didn't get around to posting about my fried garden after our ridiculous heatwave, probably better to focus on the plants that did survive well, some of them thrived.  The ones that did the best were in the newest raised beds with good soil.  My poor driveway garden with its sandy soil and radiant heat from the concrete didn't do so well.  We also sadly lost a chicken.
 These two photos are of two cape gooseberry bushes growing together, and I think they doubled in size, and now have little buds on them.  I'm looking forward to trying their fruit, to see if we'll grow them again next summer.
 The cucumbers have taken off, I've just discovered some ripe for the picking after buying a couple at a farmer's market yesterday.  I thought it'd be a few weeks before we had any!

 A little capsicum.  We had some nearly ripe ones, but they were cooked on the bush.
 Grapes doing well.
 Comfrey- it was a pile of brown leaves at the end of the heatwave, but had a small green leaf poking up.  This is one week later.
 Sweet potatoes are quite happy, but are yet to fully take off
 Zucchinis chugging along
New growth on a young raspberry, after some leaves were damaged.  So we'll have to have a good think about what we can grow in the driveway, and cover everything with sheets or shade cloth in extreme heat.

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