Saturday, February 22, 2014

February garden update

 Sedum 'Autumn Joy' with a lavender cotton border.  These two are drought hardy, and look great at this time of year in our front yard.  The sedum brings in the bees, and it's an area I don't have to water.

 Cucumbers still going- must go and pick the next lot before they get too big!
 Capsicums coming along after the first crop was burnt by severe heat.
 Cape gooseberries have taken off, and one of the fruit forming below like a little lantern.

 Autumn fruiting raspberries (fingers crossed for a first year fruit, I only planted them in December!)
 Leeks thickening up.  We lost some in the heat, but I'll fill in the gaps soon with some I'll grow from seed.
 Basil- pesto making this weekend
 Trombocinos have taken off, they were a bit slower than the other zucchinis
Beans of some sort that I pinched from some dry pods.  They were purple with black specks on them.
We had some good rain on Wednesday, and can see the difference in the garden.  The tanks have been topped up after being very low too.  It's still summer, but feels like autumn at the moment.  I've been spending a lot of time cutting things back and tidying up in the garden, fingers crossed for no more extreme heat.

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