Saturday, February 15, 2014

Incredible edible landscape with Costa in Geelong

Last night, we took the girls along to a talk by Costa Georgiadis, host of Gardening Australia.  Sorry about the blurry photos, these were a few that Andrew hastily took with his phone.  The talk was part of the Sustainable Living festival, Geelong is hosting a few events, so it was a great opportunity to go along without having to go to Melbourne.
We seated ourselves in the dance studio and waited for the presentation.  As Costa wandered in, chose our row to walk down, and promptly sat on Evie's lap!  He likes to engage the children, and this was a sure fire way to get your attention.  Costa gave an inspiring speech, with lots of photos, and got right into the audience, jumping around and waving his arms, a lot of the time very close to my head.  I'm surprised he didn't whack me in the head!  Livinia was giggling away at his impressions of small birds hiding in prickly bushes...guess you had to be there.
He spoke a lot about engaging you local community, and leaving behind buzzwords such as "sustainable" and "organic", which can turn some people off.  He also talked about his distaste for the idea of "Foodbowls", where you grow amazing food, and send it all overseas.  We share a lot of the same ideals, so not much of it was new, but his enthusiasm, makes you want to get up and get stuff done.

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