Sunday, May 18, 2014

In the garden this week

 The 2 new chickens are doing well.  They get to free range for a little while, and they go back into their little house when they've had enough.  Very well behaved for now.
 I pulled out the rest of the carrots before sowing more seeds.  I didn't realise there were so many hiding underground!
 I green raspberry- I think we'll be hit with cold again this week, so not much chance of ripening.
 My tub of garlic
 Row of radishes- I haven't grown them before, but they were very common in salads in England, so I thought I'd give them a try.  World's easiest and quickest crop to grow.  We have grown daikon radishes before, but not these little ones.

A row of kale, and about 75 little leeks.  I planted some leeks a few days after Christmas, and have started harvesting them, these will grow over winter.  I prefer growing these to onions.


Sharon said...

Love your chooks and the veges are looking good x

Alicia said...

Thanks Sharon, yours looks great too, full of life!