Friday, June 20, 2014

In the garden this week

 Kale, radishes, leeks, lettuce, all chugging along

 Chilli's still adding some colour, as well as garlic, mature leeks, raspberry canes that need taming and a trellis
 Winter colour
 A new front fence that Andrew has been working on for the past month, with some help from my Dad.  They've done a good job haven't they?  There's still a few bits to finish off, and a passionfruit to grow along the wires.  We now have a no junk mail sign.

 Lots of little oranges
 Silver Princess blossoming
 The 2 new chickens, I think they're about 15 weeks old now.
 And a new back fence went in yesterday (as well as 5 new fruit trees!)  Our neighbour had a big canopy of plumbago and something else with an orange flower, that was growing over our side, pushing over the fence, and creating lots of shade for us.  With the canopy now gone, and a new fence up, we've been able to fit in some trees on dwarf stock.  There's 2 new pears (Corella and Conference), an apricot Trevatt, which fruits after the 2 Moorparks we already have, an apple Cripps Pink, otherwise known as Pink Lady, and a cherry Lapin, which fruits after the Stella we already have.  I'll gradually mulch this bed with the chook straw I clean out every week
I've done another fruit/nut tree count, and now we're up to 33, which doesn't include the kiwi vines, the passionfruit that will go in, or any of the berries.


Frogdancer said...

Your garden looks so neat.
After seeing those stories about front yard veggie gardens being torn out in the US, no-one would be able to complain about yours!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Frogdancer, your garden is so neat, not to mention beautiful! Not to mention productive. Ours is in need of a desperate clean up but thankfully our neighbours have said to us multiple times that they don't care what we do and they know it takes time to get things tidy too. :)

Alicia said...

Thanks guys! For me, it's important to keep the front garden neat and tidy where possible. I've occasionally heard people say that they think veggie gardens are messy, so I want to prove those people wrong. It's part of the 'be the change you want to see' philosophy, trying to inspire others to make changes in their lives.