Sunday, June 8, 2014

What happens when you don't have a no junk mail sticker

We've been replacing our front fence for the last few weekends, and our new letterbox went up this afternoon.  I don't have a new 'no junk mail' sticker yet, so look what happened within a very short time.  20 catalogues!  A small part of what is wrong with the world.


Helsyd said...

gosh we get junk mail anyway despite having a sign :/

Alicia said...

Oh no!

Anonymous said...

Helsyd, you can make a complaint to the distributers of junk mail. They're not allowed to deliver it when you have a sign up. I remember that from the one time I delivered it with a friend some 20 years ago.
I wouldn't mind junk mail so much if it was in anyway useful (for starting fires or for the compost) but there is nothing you can do with the awful stuff.