Sunday, November 23, 2014

And we have raspberries

We picked our first raspberries yesterday, it would have been earlier if those pesky birds hadn't gotten them first.  Liv and I had one each yesterday, then I netted the row.  Today, a small handful were ready.  I think most were from the Willamette variety, and one or two from the Sandford variety.  The Diggers Gold will fruit a bit later.  I'm liking the Willamette's, they don't have spikes on the stems, which makes it much easier to pull them out when they stray from their designated garden bed.  Very tasty too.  I think my old canes were from the heritage variety, but I had a series of mishaps with boggy soil and lost them all.  So I started with these new ones last year, this year we have fruit.  I hope to put some of these Summer treats on the Christmas table.

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