Sunday, December 7, 2014

Into summer

 We are now harvesting yellow cherry tomatoes.  This photo was taken a week ago, and that is why the sun is shining, unlike today which is very soggy.  We've had over 25mm of rain since early yesterday morning, which is great to soak the garden and keep our tanks full in the lead up to a hot summer.
 Grapes developing nicely
 Our new beds filling up- we constructed gravel paths about 5 weeks ago.
 Little artichokes
 Boysenberries growing on our old gate that we removed from the front yard- we've started to pick these
 Golden delicious apples
 Sweet potato
 Rockmelon, watermelon, peas climbing the trellis, netted strawberries
 This year's garlic harvest waiting to be cleaned up
Evie's mint patch has taken off.  She has peppermint, apple mint, and chocolate mint.

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