Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Too many bunny rugs =

...One pair of pyjama pants! We ended up with a few too many bunny rugs for Livinia, so I decided to whip up a pair of winter pyjama pants for Evie this afternoon. Livinia is having a good long sleep this afternoon (something I'm sure Evie never did when she was tiny), and Evie has just fallen asleep on the couch (yay!), so I've had a little bit of spare time to get crafty. On a 36 degree day. Making flannalette PJ pants. Yup. Anyway, I'll head into Target at some stage and buy a cotton/wool spencer for the top half, too easy. I had Evie try them on, but by the time I got the camera out, she was taking them off,and once they're off, it's incredibly difficult to get them back on. So I ventured out into the heat to take this photo for you :)

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