Monday, January 12, 2009

Summer nature table

I've finally put together a summer nature table after putting the nativity scene away- we don't seem to have many surfaces for decoration in this house, and Christmas decorations took any available space we had. We had to put our hall table in the garage as our hall isn't big enough for it :( There's the Ostheimer ducks, pond and bridge, Kinder Kram boat, Gerda Muller Summer book, and 2 little mermaids from here:

My 28th birthday went by in a bit of a blur on Saturday, we went to my aunty's 60th birthday party, her birthday was the day before. Andrew and I got to go out for lunch yesterday, Livinia tagged along, and slept the whole time. They are much easier to take out at this age :) There's a few more photos of the girls on our Flickr page.

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