Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The great zucchini glut

There comes a time every summer in the vegie patch that there will be a glut of something. At the moment in our patch, it's zucchinis. Turn your back and a small one turns into a very, very large one. Now zucchini is not something I'll sit down and eat a plate full of, and neither will Andrew, so we have to be creative and find things to put it into. We've been putting a few into curries and giving some away, but today I thought I'd bake zucchini bread. It's more of a cake, quite similar to carrot cake, very nice. Unfortunately it only used up one large zucchini, not two as the recipe states (2 cups of grated zucchini). The recipe makes 2 loaf sized cakes, which is great when you have a newborn, as one goes in the freezer for later. Zucchini slice will be on the menu this week I'm sure, just as soon as I buy some more (local free range) eggs. On the plus side, zucchini plants provide much produce for very little input, and in times of drought, that's a huge benefit.
Now it might be time to look for tomato recipes, there are a LOT of green tomatoes on our 4 plants, that are starting to ripen, and with this hot weather in Victoria, the ripening will be happening very soon...

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