Monday, September 14, 2009

Palm oil free soap

Here is some of my latest batch of peppermint & lavender soap, made without palm oil. I just doubled the coconut and olive oil and left out the palm, and it looks just the same as my other batches. I'll have to wait until it cures (4 weeks), to see if it lathers the same. I'm sure it will. I think most people know by now that palm oil production destroys the habitat of orangutans, and palm oil is in processed foods, soaps, detergents etc, mostly labelled as vegetable oil, so you don't really know if you're buying it. Even the solid cubes of palm oil I used to buy to make soap with said they were solidified vegetable oil. Now I can wash without a guilty conscience.


Anne said...

I bought a home made soap ball made by a lady in the Blue Mountians and she make beautiful soya candles too. It was olive oil based with cardamom, orange and I forgotton the 3rd scent but anyway it delicious.

I love homemade soap

LMichelleV said...

HI there I'm doing a project in my econ class and I was wondering how you made your palm oil free soap? I'm trying to make some of my own for a project I have but I'm not quite sure how to do it. Could you possibly share with me how you made your soap? It would be a great help. Please email me back at

lindsay v