Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Front garden transformation progress

Well, early in the new year when you tend to make goals, resolutions, whatever you like to call them, we decided to get rid of grass in the front yard, and make it more productive. We nutted out a bit of a design, and this is where we've started. We have a front yard divided into 4 by a brick cross shaped path. We've covered one quarter section with old cardboard and carpet, put a corrugated raised bed in the middle (growing carrots in it already, couldn't help myself!), and a timber raised L shaped bed along the path. This is now full of manures and compost, topped with pea straw. We'll let that settle in for a bit before we plant it out with winter crops.
We'll put some gravel over the bits outside of the beds. We had to cut out two ficus trees, which had given a nice structure to the garden, but required frequent trimming to keep their shape, and to keep them off the central path. One of them was also pushing up the brick paving, which would have only gotten worse, so they had to go. I was hoping to put in some dwarf fruit trees to replace them, (in the corner of the L shape) but now there's carpet under the garden bed to suppress the nasty kikuyu grass, I don't think there will be enough room for the roots to go down far enough. Any advice?

Ooh, come to think of it, the carpet doesn't cover that corner, there's a square that doesn't have carpet. Might be alright.

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