Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Garden of St Erth

It was Evie's last Wednesday off from prep today- she will be a full time student from next week. Andrew has had a few days off from work to recover from his overseas trip, so today we went to the Garden of St Erth, one of the gardens run by the Digger's Club. It is in Blackwood, near Trentham in central Victoria.
It was nice and peaceful up there, and a bit cooler than here in Geelong, which was nice. There's a lovely garden in the middle of a forest to wander around, and of course a great nursery full of heritage varieties of fruit trees, veggie and herb seeds, and plants you may not normally find.
We bought 3 dwarf apple trees, a cherry tree, some lavender cotton, and a few packets of herb and veggies seeds. This will help with our front yard and driveway garden renovations.

The girls under an arch- Evie would like one of these. Ah, being surrounded by lush green gardens and forest is good for the soul!


Gavin Webber said...

I love St Erth. It is truly one of the most inspirational gardens in Victoria

Gav x

dixiebelle said...