Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jonty the mouse catcher

Jonty is a good hunter. I can't remember the last time she caught a native bird. But she's good at catching sparrows, and other small brown birds that shouldn't be living in these parts. And mice and rats. Very handy at the moment while we've got a bit of a plague going on. She sits in front of the compost bin a lot. We watched her jump over the fence from next door yesterday with a baby mouse in her mouth. She had another one later on, two in one afternoon. She has a good play with them before she eats them.


Stitchybritt said...

She's a cutie! Our cat just yawns at me when I try to tell her that there's a mouse in the backyard. But we still love her to bits.

rabidlittlehippy said...

We too have good ratters. Maxxie and Minnie our black and white moggies. At least they've stopped eating them on my floor and leaving the remains for me to find when I get up. Bleugh