Saturday, October 27, 2012

Let your opinion be heard

Just a couple of petition-y things if you'd like to put your name to them:

The people's RET review (renewable energy target)

From the website:
Big power companies and lobby groups who want to slow the development of renewables in Australia are using the RET review process to try and reduce the renewable energy target.
Without the same money and lobbying power as these industry groups it can be very hard for ordinary citizens to have our voices heard.
The People’s RET review will make sure that Australians have a chance to tell our decision makers what kind of energy future we want. Vote Now! has a petition to sign if you're fed up with the major supermarkets selling cheap milk, which has prompted 45 dairies in QLD alone to shut down.   We buy Jonesy's milk from our local green grocer, to support independent dairies.

Coles - Up the price of generic brand milk to a sustainable rate of return for all. 


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