Monday, October 22, 2012

Wood oven...almost done

 A few weeks ago- brick dome with no insulation

 Yesterday- with a new insulating box built around it, half filled with vermiculite to help keep the heat in.  It needs two more bags of vermiculite, and a roof on top, and a few more finishing touches to be complete.
Man make fire.
Livinia has been asking everyday if we can make pizza for the wood oven, but this is reserved for Sunday nights.  I've been making the dough in the morning, leaving it to rise for a couple of hours, then putting it in the fridge.  The soaking of the flour seems to make it more digestible for me.  And I use half spelt flour.  The recipe is the magic bread dough from River Cottage Veg Everyday, and it's the best pizza dough recipe I've found.

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