Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Spring Garden

 Orange tree covered in blossom
 Grapevines going great guns and providing shade for the house
 A dwarf pear tree blossoming for the first time
 One broody chicken
 An avocado tree full of new growth
 Front garden veggie beds with tomatoes and capsicum under temporary glass hothouses.  Sorry Jonty, I don't think you'll grow any bigger!
All of our new fruit and nut trees have leaves on them now (and some have blossoms), which is a relief , because they did look like sticks for a while there.  I've started planting by the moon cycles, so it will be a bit of a test this summer to see if there are any improvements.

I have some photos of our family trip to the Melbourne Zoo last week, and some of the almost completed wood oven, which we made pizza in for the first time on Sunday night.  Our good camera is refusing to load its photos onto the computer at the moment, so it will have to wait for now.


rabidlittlehippy said...

Wow, your garden looks fantastic! I'm rather envious to be very honest as we can't yet plant out due to continuing frosts. And your chooky is gorgeous. Will you give her some eggs to set?

Alicia said...

Thanks rabidlittlehippy, I think it will look pretty lush once everything takes off in the warmer weather. We won't be giving our chook any eggs to set (she's not broody now, one of our araucanas, Betty, is now broody) we probably have too many chickens as it is!

Pearl said...

Love how lush your garden is - how much time do you need to devote to it? I keep thinking we don't have anything like this because we work full time and have a two year old, but I'm thinking that perhaps it's all a rather silly excuse? I'm thinking some big changes would require some dedicated time, but maintaining not quite so much?
Also, have you seen - I think you'd have a bit in common with this family.

Alicia said...

Hi Pearl, thanks for your comments! This is the first year I've been spending much more time in the garden- My eldest started school, and my youngest (of 2) stopped breastfeeding, so that has freed up a little time. We have a 679m square block, so the backyard is quite large, and we got rid of the front lawn in favour of raised vegie beds, and got rid of pittosporum trees in our driveway in favour of fruit and nut trees, with herbs and vegies in between. We've been here for 4 years (just before my second child was born), so we've been doing it gradually since then. I love how lush it looks at the moment, but I think that's mainly because it's spring, and we has a very wet winter. Try not to get overwhelmed and just start with a small patch somewhere. Before you know it, you'll have an urban food forest!