Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Now I am 4

 It was Liv's 4th Birthday on Sunday
 She had a lovely quiet day to play with her new toys, and then a small family gathering for wood fired pizza and ice cream cake.
 With Evie and cousins
 I find it hard to summon much energy for her birthday being the time of year it is, but the simpler the better at any time of year I say!
 Our sunflowers are starting to bloom, always a happy sight.

 And here's the front garden again, a bit over 2 weeks since I last posted a picture.  We've had a few really hot days, but we've also had a bit of rain, so the growth is amazing.
 We even have some artichokes, which I thought we wouldn't have until next year, as they are new plants, and apparently produce in the second season.

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