Monday, December 3, 2012

Wood fired lamb roast

 We went to the Bannockburn Farmer's Market on Saturday morning, always a good day out.  I picked up 3 new raspberry plants ($3 each!) to replace those that I drowned when I moved them into half wine barrels.  We also bought some honey, a huge punnet of organic strawberries, and a butterflied leg of lamb from Barwon Lamb.  I don't really eat meat other than chicken or fish, but I will make allowances occasionally when Andrew wants to roast something, on the proviso that it is local, and ethically sourced (and I really don't like beef).  Andrew wanted to try out a roast in the wood oven, so that's what we did last night.  With the addition of a couple of large potatoes I bandicooted from the potato patch, some of our fresh garlic harvested last week, and some organic pumpkin, it made for a very satisfying meal.  We also realised that I was drinking my homemade lemon cordial, and he was drinking his homemade ginger beer with our fantastic meal.
Andrew wanted to make the most of the left over heat in the wood oven, so he and the girls whipped up a chocolate cake, and baked a few potatoes that we'll have with dinner tonight.  What a life!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE it! The satisfaction to be able to say that you made everything or at least sourced it all within the 100km local range must be awesome. I am hoping to be able to do that with our Christmas dinner with only a few expectations (dried fruit, nuts and flour).