Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Op shop haul

 Why sideways photos?  Anyway, Evie had a teacher's strike day off today (half day, but who's taking their kid to school at 12:50pm?), so we popped into an op shop on the way to pick up a few things, and this is what we found. 
Lego City aeroplane set for $15 (RRP $60)
Country Road vest size M (Liv's size)
Country Road leggings size 9 (put away for Evie)
Seed cream coloured top size 9 (put away for Evie)
Country Road white short sleeve top size 4 (Liv's size)
Country Road women's yellow dress size XS (Evie could probably almost wear this with the shoulder straps tied tight, or I could shorten it)
Ballet flats (will fit Evie in about a year)
DVD of the nativity in claymation

 It all came to just under $50, I've never spent this much at one time in an op shop, but I think we did pretty well, and I have a fair bit of classic gear for when the girls are bigger.  I won't buy trendy things that will date within a few years.  I get the feeling that the clothing probably all came from the one household, and everything looks like its hardly been worn.
 Had to put up a pic of our curry plant.  It's magnificent this year, as the neighbours behind us chopped out a huge canopy that was growing over and above our back fence.  The curry plant can now grow as it should, rather than out to the left of the pic as it did last year to catch the sun.
We can tell when Jonty's been stalking mice, as she smells like curry- the compost bins are close by.  I've even found an escaped chicken in there a couple of times, a curried chicken :)

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