Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cooking adventures with a Sun Oven

 I bought a Sun Oven a little while ago, and there have been a few clear sunny days to try it out lately.  Today I blind baked a quiche pastry in it, as well as cooking chicken and vegetable curry with rice.

 The finished curry- 3 hours later
 and the rice
 I couldn't fit the quiche itself in with the curry, so I cheated and cooked it inside (I can see why people buy 2 Solar Ovens).  It is made with homemade spelt pastry (with homemade butter), and the filling has backyard eggs, buttermilk from this morning's butter making session, spinach, chives and parsley from our garden, and Otway free range bacon (local).
And some gorgeous lilac to finish- I get up very early and get some from an empty house in the next street ;)


Jacqui Calvert said...

Oh wow, I've not heard of a solar oven before. I'm keen to try it out though. It sounds about as homemade as homemade gets. Beautiful!

Gavin Webber said...

I have had my eye on a solar oven for a while Alicia, but they all come from the US. Did you manage to get one locally?

Gav x

Frogdancer said...

I got mine from here:

Alicia said...

Hi guys, this is where I got mine from:

After much deliberation, this was the best I could come up with, it has great reviews, and was much cheaper than buying in Australia sadly. It even came with all the pans, trays, dehydrating racks etc, not sure if it was supposed to, but it was great value. It was Fedexed to me, and didn't take very long.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea and your post is timely in answering some questions I had in my mind about cooing over the summer. Thankyou!
Gav, if you're planning to order one we might be able to split the postage. :)