Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Meat safe

 On Saturday, I put our old baby car seat on the nature strip with a FREE sign on it.  A few hours later, it was gone.  On Sunday, Evie and I were walking home when we saw this meat safe on the footpath in front of someone's house in our street with a FREE sign on it.  I'd been wanting one for a few months, thinking the right sized one would fit nicely in the gap between the pantry and the door in our kitchen.  It's the perfect solution for when we have a glut of potatoes and pumpkins from our garden (and any other food that can be stored in a cupboard).  Andrew and I lugged it back, gave it a quick wipe over, and it fits perfectly in that space.  I call it karma!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS! And Karma indeed. :)

Alicia said...

Thanks Jessie, I had dreamed of one with a stained glass panel, but a free one will do quite nicely :)