Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Spring Garden Tour

 Budding olive trees- they are absolutely covered this year!
 Little almonds
 Gravenstein apple blossom buds
 Rows of carrot seedlings
 Potatoes- we have planted 11 seed potatoes this year, last year we put in 4 that sprouted in the cupboard.  Hoping for a bumper crop, and some early ones for Christmas.
 Crimson flowering broad beans- I picked and podded a heap on Sunday, and there are more to come.
 Baby chillies
 Baby apricots
 Oranges and lots of blossom makes the garden smell great
 Dwarf pear in blossom
Blossoming boysenberry- this is a rescue from my Mum & Dad's old garden, as they downsized this year.  Good to see it doing well.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how different ur gardens are and yet how relatively close they are. Being cold climate here we are still on the edges of winter garden. My purple sprouting broccoli is the only colour aside from the broad bean flowers but no pods yet. I am looking forward very much to trying my first ever broad bean. :)
My olive trees are just babies as are my fruit trees so no blossoms for us thie year although the peach might flower for us as it did last year. Nothing yet. Our iwi vines are leafing up and growing well, the cara cara orange is sending out new leaves and I have lemon and mandarin blossoms but they both live int he greenhouse. I have spuds doing well in there too. Still, we're harvesting leeks and lettuce, I have alliums galore if the maggots don't get to them all (potato onions - 2 beds, garlic - 3 beds, leeks and onions - 1 bed shared and another with a few spring onions and garlic grown from bulbils) but I'm starting to pop in some seeds as our last frost date is November so hoping my seeds are sprouting soon or I'll have nothing to plant!
Don't you just love the promise of spring before the realities of summer arrive? ;)

Anonymous said...

I CAN type, I promise. Old and needing a clean keyboard. ;)
* our gardens
* this year
* kiwi vines
* in the greenhouse

Alicia said...

Don't worry about typos, Jessie, I'm pretty good with those ;) I'm always amazed when I come up to central Victoria and see daffodills still flowering long after our are finished, same goes forproductive plants. Our kiwis are just starting to leaf up, they're a bit slow I think. I already have tomatoes too, some that I rescued from the supermarket for 85c a punnet. All but 1 survived, so we could have a lot of Grosse Lisse tomatoes this year.
Very much enjoying spring (not the wind so much though!) before the heat of summer bears down.