Saturday, April 19, 2014

Andrew's Birthday- Cotswolds and River Cottage Canteen

 Not in the Cotswolds, just a couple of pics of Herdwick sheep in the Lakes district.  They are native to the region, and Beatrix Potter bred them in her later years when she was known as Mrs Heelis after her marriage to a local solicitor.  Random facts.

 We had lunch here at the Egypt mill, an old cloth mill in Nailsworth.  We had just wanted to stop somewhere for a light lunch, but as in a lot of English villages, it is very hard to find a car park.  So we had a sit down meal instead, because it had a car park.

 We stopped in Castle Combe on the way back, and are glad we did, as it is the "prettiest village in England".  Some movies and TV shows have been set here.  It is a very quiet village, and you have to park and walk in.  I think we only saw other tourists there, and not a lot of them.

 We had dinner at the River Cottage canteen in Axminster for Andrew's birthday.  I just had soup (wild garlic), because we'd had a big lunch, but we had a nice dessert too.

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