Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lakes District

 Herdwick sheep on Latrigg from Skiddaw.  Andrew climbed Skiddaw today while I wandered around Keswick, where we stayed for 2 nights.  Amazing being surrounded by peaks and lakes.

The path up Skiddaw.  A climb of 500 m in about 2km.  Andrew was very tired afterwards.

Alfie the cat at the place we stayed, another very friendly cat
Derwentwater behind us
Derwentwater from Friar's Crag

View of Derwentwater from Castlehead lookout.

The Bridgehouse at Ambleside where a family with six children once lived- the original tiny house!
We have now arrived in Edinburgh, where we'll spend three nights.

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Bec said...

hi there,
lovely reading a bit about your holiday!
Hope you're having a great time.
Nice selfie :)