Thursday, April 10, 2014


 Cat sitting in window
 We are now in Japan, and fly back to Australia tomorrow night, to arrive home on Saturday.  Ready to come home now, and Andrew has an infection in his foot from a blister, so we haven't seen as much of Tokyo as we'd like.   He is on antibiotics, and is feeling a bit better now, so we hope to venture out a little tomorrow before our flight.  Anyway, I thought I'd start putting some more photos up of our first few days in England, jet lag lasted a good week for me, so hadn't got around to putting these up.  This was our day in Totnes (Devon), which is where transition towns originated.  It was a nice little town, with good produce shops.  The butchers in this part of England are proud to name the local farms where their meat comes from.  There were lots of farm shops in England too, particularly in the south, which I was pleased to see (and shop at!)  There was a health food shop in Totnes which was like a supermarket.
 Feline therapy- drop in for a coffee, cake, and pat a cat

The view over the bridge

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