Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Eggs take 3

We let the chookies out this afternoon, and while 2 of them came pretty much straight down near the back door and gate to have a feast on an aphid plagued nasturtium patch, one stayed up the back. Went down to see where she was, and I could hear her but not see her. On Sunday she hid behind the passionfruit vine, away from the wind, and that's where she was again today. I thought to myself that I should check there once she gets out, as she may be laying an egg. And I was right, one perfect, small egg was left behind. Fantastic. Here's Evie with the egg, so excited. She's a little under the weather, with some sort of viral thing that Liv has just gotten over, so excuse the dreamy eyes.

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Linda said...

Great detective work! I hope Evie is feeling better soon.