Saturday, October 8, 2011

Meet our 3 new girls

Three 18 week old Isa Browns moved into the chicken house today. What a jam packed morning it was! Andrew played tennis this afternoon, and I had to stock In.cube8r this morning. So I went and bought the newspaper early this morning, so we could see what sort of chickens were available this weekend, pretty slim pickings. After I stocked the shop, it was a quick trip out to Mt. Duneed to buy 3 chooks, with a stop at a hardware shop on the way,to buy dowel for a roost, straw for nesting, and pick up a cardboard box so we could get them home. Then set them up, and race down the road to the farm shop to pick up some laying pellets before they closed at 12! They are settling in well, I'll look at clipping their wings tomorrow.

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