Saturday, October 29, 2011

New (old) nesting boxes

So the girls have been laying their eggs under the passionfruit vine every morning. That's fine, but you have to twist your body around a bit to get them out, and it's not inside their run, so I have to let them free range until they lay, then herd them (or catch them), and put them back into their run. I'd heard that you could use old lawn mower catchers as nesting boxes, as they are nice and dark and sheltered, so I ventured into the tip shop for the first time this morning. What an amazing resource, just like a dirty op shop! I found 2 catchers (there were plenty more) for $5 each, here's the girls checking one of them out. I figure they could provide a bit of shelter when it rains too. I just hope they lay in them!

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