Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Positive feedback

It's so nice to hear positive feedback about the garments I make, a lady from Norway who bought two of my upcycled blanket dresses had this to say:

Thank you for the lovely dresses you made. I am getting so many nice comments about them. Today one of the teachers in my daughters kindergarden said to me, " That dress with the buttons, that Kristine wore the other day, was amazing."

And this from another happy customer the other day:

I absolutely love the dresses you made and the sizes were perfect.. Thank-you so much.
Please let me know when you have new stock. I love the fabric.
Thanks again

Thanks girls, you made my day :)

I have taken the blanket dresses down from my Etsy shop until after Ecofest, I have a size 2 in each colour, and a size 4 in the pink colourway. If I don't sell them, they'll be back in my Etsy shop. The fabric is all used up now.

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