Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A (belated) merry Christmas

mermaid outfits for their Bamboletta dolls
new bike baskets from Santa
Fairy wands (made by Lisa Leonard Designs), with their names stamped on
Liv with her new musical jewellery box at Nana's house
Evie, Liv & Lucy jumping on the trampoline, with water pistols at Lucy's (cousin) house

Just a few photos from Christmas day, not so many photos were taken on the day this year (unusual!). We're just taking it a bit quietly here at the moment, I find Christmas to be a rather tiring time, especially now that we have Livinia's birthday thrown into the mix. The plan is for some pottering around in the garden (harvesting some of the bounty already!), a bit of sewing for the upcoming Moriac Makers and Growers Market on the 8th of January, and some day trips while Andrew is off from work. And then it's my birthday...

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