Sunday, December 4, 2011

Random Decemberness

Brightening up my kitchen, and making it smell Christmassy
Jonty the cat, sitting next to some lavender
New vintage pants in the shop, made from an op shop pillowcase, and some fabric scraps

We are awaiting Andrew's return from his final business trip this year, Japan this time. He's on the highway back from the airport now. This is his 7th trip away in 6 months. I'd say he's been away from us for at least 8 weeks this year, probably longer. It's all of about 5 weeks until he's off again. I think it's about time we had a quiet little family holiday, just the 4 of us this time. Not too far away, maybe up to 2 hours away, as Andrew is just a tad sick of travelling. Daylesford? Castlemaine? Somewhere coastal? I'm looking forward to some quiet times, I'm not into busy Christmases. There'll be a lot of baking, more so with Livinia turning 3 at the end of next week!
Gotta go, he's back!

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