Friday, December 30, 2011

Summer harvest

Freebie potatoes that grew out of an old compost pile. Kipflers, and maybe sebagos? We had more, but did a big roast up a couple of nights ago.

The start of the nectarines- quite a few on the tree this year. I picked this lot a bit hard, but I was worried the birds might get them, or freak weather events destroy them.
A steady flow of tomatoes since (before!) Christmas. Might give tomato relish a go this year, and I've been making awesome guacamole with them.
The zucchinis are a bit slow this year, they've needed some help with pollination, not sure that we'll have many. Some have self sown behind the current compost bin, so I have my fingers crossed for them, though it may be a bit shady. We have plenty of bees on our lavender, they're just not noticing the zukes. Ah well, the free potatoes kinda make up for it. We've been eating produce from our garden every day, that sure is the good life!