Monday, January 23, 2012

Basil pesto

What else can you do on a hot day at home with children? Make pesto. So we did. We harvested all the basil we could (not much, barely the 1 1/2 cups required from Thai basil and common? basil), toasted up pinenuts, grated up parmesan cheese, foraged 2 garlic cloves from the garden, and drizzled in some Australian olive oil. This is all that it made, but I will freeze it in the ice cube tray. Smells awesome! Every time I buy pesto, I only use some of it before the rest of the jar goes off, quite a waste. It's hard to find Australian made pesto too, I've found it a green grocer's shops, but it's expensive if you're not going to use the whole jar. This way, I'll only use what we need. Next year, we'll grow more basil!

Recipe here


Bec said...

looks fabulous.
that'd go in one hit at our place. x

Kate said...

Oh yum, love that smell of fresh basil.