Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happenings around here



I've been spending the earlier parts of this week emptying our pantry and cleaning it all down to move it and the fridge out so we could have our kitchen floor sanded and polished. We were a bit sick of the old "terracotta tile" vinyl that was sitting on top of these raw boards, with a big seam line down the middle that we'd trip over, or get slippers caught on.
We're pretty happy with the improvement, now we have a few bits of paint patching to do, including painting the concrete hearth you can see. I wanted to tile it, but it will sit too high and might be a tripping hazard as it's not big enough for a whole foot to stand on. I'll be happy to have our kitchen up and running in a few days, when we can move the fridge and pantry back in. Our kitchen renovation is a step closer to being finished (almost 2 years after it was begun!)
A new blind for Evie & Liv's room- a holland blind made from Ink & Spindle's birch forest print in a large scale. I wanted to replace the cheap pvc venetians with something eco friendly (Ink & Spindle is a carbon neutral business), that would block out the light properly. The venetians blocked the view, but that was about it. Liv stayed in her bed all night after this blind went in, but we had to stay with my parents last night because of the floorboards.
It is very hard to photograph blinds, as you have to shut them a bit to see them. They are a dark dusty pink, a bit lighter than the photos.

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softearthart said...

Fresh new beginnings for a New year, very cool floor, Cheers Marie