Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Fireworks viewed from our front porch
Happy 2012! Just a day late this time, we've been head first in decluttering/ rearranging/ cleaning/ sorting/ painting/ freshening up. Renewal for the new year. I've sorted out the girls wardrobes (out with the too small/too old, in with hand me downs/items put away for later), which leads me to my first goal of 2012:

No new clothes for the family- I must source second hand if needed.
Exemptions: school uniform pieces I haven't yet bought (though I did pick up 2 school dresses and a hat from op shops, all in great condition last year), socks/underwear (my socks are falling apart, but I did darn one pair!). I usually buy the girls a new white long sleeve t-shirt per year- I don't sew stretch fabrics. I find you need a white top that goes with everything, but they generally don't last more than a year, as they get so grubby, and I won't use bleach or whiteners, only sunlight. I don't think I'll be able to find these second hand.
I also want to give myself 3 get out of jail free cards. I really like to support local/Australian designers and makers, so if they have made something that fits my strict criteria, I may make a purchase.
I tend to be one that squirrels away a few things for the next year for the girls (it makes sense to buy things when they're on sale to put away for next year), especially pyjamas, as I either buy organic, or from Eternal Creation, both ethically sourced. So that will make it easier, as well as Evie starting school, so she will be in uniform a lot of the time. I will be able to make some new items she needs, she hasn't any winter pants as yet. Liv gets the hand me downs from Evie.

So what do the red boots above have to do with it? I found these in my local op shop just before Evie finished kinder for the year. They are a little too big right now, but should fit nicely in winter. They are leather, from Fred Bare, and practically new. We haven't had much from Fred Bare- mostly second hand as their ethics are probably questionable- made in China, with no fairtrade certifications. They are expensive, but seemingly good quality. But $6 for nearly new red embossed leather boots- pretty good! Finding them in the op shop confirmed in my mind that I can do this challenge, you just need to spend your time in op shops instead of other shops. I found a mini metalicus dress for Liv in the op shop a few weeks prior, every good find is like a bit of encouragement. There is so much excess in the first world, this challenge shouldn't be too hard.

My second goal is to cut back on sugar in my diet. I don't think I could completely cut it out, everything in moderation etc. So far I've been eating a hard boiled egg everyday as a snack to ward off the hungry belly. And grapes- great on a hot day!

My third goal is to grow more of our food. I want to put a few more fruit trees in, and grow a bit more over winter, including broad beans for the first time.


dixiebelle said...

Some great goals there! Good luck...

Stitchybritt said...

Those are excellent goals! Well done. Last night we watched No Impact Man (if you haven't seen it, do!) and it was completely inspiring - especially amazing people like you who move to a 'green' lifestyle with little ones. A lot of effort, but worth it, I'm sure!

Alicia said...

Yes I have seen No Impact Man, and read the book. I own the DVD and have watched it a few times. What would Jesus buy is a good movie too :) The extra effort is well worth it, and second nature to me. When I think of all the little things our family does compared to what others do for 'convenience', the mind boggles!

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Happy New Year!