Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Andrew!
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It's Andrew's 27th birthday today, so Evie & I made him a ginger cake. We don't have any nice berries or even flowers at the moment, so wooden fruit will have to do for decoration :) His present from us is in front of the cake, a sterling silver guitar pick with his name stamped into it. It came from an Etsy seller in the UK. Andrew also received some lovely gifts from family, one even hand delivered from my brother James (Jim) who is in Brisbane for a conference. He was also very lucky to receive his birthday money twice from my Grandma, I think she forgot that she gave it to me to give to him when I was in Geelong a month ago. Ah well, it all evens out, I missed out on a Christmas present from her (shhh, don't tell her!)

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Ginger_nut said...

Happy (belated) birthday Andrew...

I did remember on the day, it being the day before mine (dang those 5 hours)