Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hello there!

Hello, and welcome to my new blog.

I hope to share some of my day to day life with you, what Evie's doing (for family and friends back home in Geelong), my sewing, occasional soap making, gardening (once we have or own patch of dirt that isn't rented), and maybe some tips for lightening your footprint on the planet.

I love to sew, especially children's clothes, as they are quick and simple, and you can be very creative with your designs, much more so than with adult clothes. I now have an Etsy shop for my children's clothes, as I need a creative outlet, and Evie really has more clothes than she needs. I like to design and make clothes that I'd like to purchase if I couldn't sew. There's nothing I can't stand more than walking into certain stores and finding wall to wall pink for girls, coupled with licensed character prints emblazoned all over the clothes. Don't get me wrong, I like pink, but it's not the only colour for girls. I love to use Japanese fabrics, and fun novelty prints, all in natural fibres. I'm not a fan of synthetics. The majority of my creations are one of a kind, sometimes I'll make two, or make another in a different size if someone requests. I'm also open to custom orders.

Any way, enough ramblings, I hope you'll visit my blog again soon, and that I haven't bored you senseless :)

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