Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter
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We had a lovely few days as a family over easter. Evie enjoyed having daddy home ALL the time for 4 days, and certainly gave him a workout! We hid about 15 eggs around the house, and it was funny to watch her as she discovered them (some quicker than others). She wanted to eat each one as she found them, so we ended up with a rather large bowl of partly eaten eggs. We went for an early morning walk to burn off some sugar, and discovered a little nature trail not too far from our house (thanks for the heads up mum & dad!). There was a man made lake with ducks, and we saw a couple of brush turkeys, and there was a playground in a green space down the track.
The gorgeous felted eggs in the photo are from Waldorf Mama on Etsy, all the way from Texas, USA.