Sunday, March 30, 2008

We went walking again today, same track as last week, but wanted to see where the track ran out. It ran out about 10 metres from where we stopped last week. We took some photos this time, the first one is the man-made lake, the second is of Evie trying to escape from the pusher. We checked out the farmer's market at West End yesterday on my brother's recommendation, it was pretty good. I was getting a bit sick of our local one, as it appears that many of the stallholders just go to central markets and buy fruit & veg to sell on to the consumer- we bought a bag of carrots only to find after we'd returned home, that they were grown in Tasmania. Now that's a loooong way from Brisbane, a few too many food miles accumulated for my liking. So anyway, we'll be going back to the real farmer's market in West End from now on methinks. Andrew was a little put off by a male recorder player at the market (who claims to be a gypsy), who played very deliberately at children going by. I quite liked it though. Other than that, I've just been baking more hot cross buns (I know, Easter's over!), and banana walnut muffins (Evie loves them), and doing a little sewing for my Etsy shop, and making myself some pyjama pants.

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